Protect, Preserve, and Nourish with the Power of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Soothing Fruits and Flowers.


microbiome minded wellness

Your body is home to billions of friendly living microorganisms that form an ecosystem known as your microbiome. Your microbiome contains “good” bacteria that is essential for proper skin health.


When your microbiome is compromised, disruptions in balance can occur contributing to the development of inflammation, breakouts, and the aging process.


Le Cleanse provides the microbiome minded probiotics, prebiotics, and certified organic ingredients that will work to cultivate your body’s good bacteria protecting it from its aggressors [internally and externally] ensuring healthy and radiant skin.

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“I wanted to create products that focused on skin health and overall wellness.”

Mirella Siciliano  |  Creator  |  Le Cleanse Officiel


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